leather flowers

leather flowers
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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Dream Sample Box: A Look At The Sample Box

My Dream Sample Box: A Look At The Sample Box: "Hi I wanted to post a picture of the sample box for everyone to see. You can tell that every thing can not fit in the box. It was filled to ..."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Machel Montano - Soca Santa (Trinidad & Tobago)

Enjoy a taste of Trinidad Christmas music.

Still Standing

I am scarce but I am still standing. I visit facebook and I visit twitter but I feel timid, I must admit, to visit my blog. The reason for this is the fact that my original intention for writing this blog seemed to have been delegated to the back burner. This is disturbing to me. I don`t feel guilt just a `let-down` maybe. You see I thoroughly enjoy my 8a.m.-4p.m. job and this takes a lot of my energy so that I am truly unable to create, at this point in time, sufficient jewelry to supply an online business. This is where I am at right now.
I am disappointed that I am unable to accomplish this dream as I had made an attempted to begin but I deal with an issue at my place of employ that I cannot ignore nor do I want to ignore it.
I manage a centre where persons learn craft skill to help enrichen their financial status and so accommodate a better standard of living. These are persons that are not gainfully employed nor well versed in the education system. The strategy is to give them the craft skills so they can empower themselves and so be productive citizens. We are not all cut from the `same cloth; some are `academically inclined` and some are `handicraft inclined`.
This might seem like a normal task but the area where this centre is situated has spurts of gangwafare  and it is an area shun by the general public. It is an area where you have to show the people how beneficial such an education is to them. Some come willingly and some  have to be wooed. Also it is heart-warming when person learn their craft and they can financially help themselves after training; some have even acquired the status where they are teaching the craft that they have learnt. How can I turn my back?
As the area has a gang problem,craft teachers do not want to come to the area to teach. So it is left to me to source capable persons from the area to teach the various crafts. Please bear in mind that I am not from this area. This task takes a lot of my energy but I am not complaining. If I have to do it over I surely would.
So it is not that I have regaled on my words or intentions but I have an obligation to my people to do a job and I have to do it to the best of my ability.
I am coming with jewelry but I am wiser now and I am not saying a word till it is so.
Goodbye for now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It`s Coming Together

A designer, who was designing a gown for a queen show here in Trinidad, had commissioned me to make some large leather orchids for the gown. He wanted them natural for he was going to airbrush them. I was amazed for I had never, NEVER, thought of such a thing. The queen came second. I became intent of learning to airbrush. The idea grew in my head till it filled my head and it became one with me. I put it in God`s Hand and I left it there. That was about three years ago. I told myself that this looks like it would happen when I retire.
I now have two crafts at the Centre and airbrushing is one of them. How good that is, for I now have a more inner peace within me to see this unfold. We really seem to have `guardian angels who see to our needs.Sometimes the request may seem to take long but if it is something that would benifit us it would come. Once we ask with a good heart,good things will come. I am now privileged to be in and out of an airbrush class. 
I took a small piece of leather and asked the tutor to airbrush it for me and to tell you the truth, I am not the same anymore. I am not sure that I can simply use a paint brush and paint my flowers again, unless someone specifically ask for it. What I saw on the leather sold me. The paint looked like it became one with the leather and the leather remained pliant. I can create more beautiful and pliant flowers. It is important to me that I produce work that can be unique.I am excited but I have also learnt that  sometimes when you become enarmoured with an idea ,a negative could come and change your plan. So to make sure , I am having plan`a`, plan`b`. So I am forging ahead, but with my mind-eyes on anything negative that may want to show it`s head. I am also blissfully happy. This is a challenge that I have wholehearted accepted. I want to airbrush my flowers . If there is anyone who knows about this I am willing to hear a word or two or some.
Another challenge that I face is the fact that I really do not know the proper workings of Facebook or any of the social networks for that matter, so I have that to conquer. I came online without really doing any research. There are a lot of the terminologies that I do not understand but what is life without challenge.Mr. John Adams has offered his help in allowing me to find my way in Facebook and for that I say `THANKS`. I have met some wonderful, helpful and friendly people online and for that too I say thanks.I have met some skunks too but that`s is by the way.
So I am on the way to closing another day and I am satisfied with the day. We should seek to make each day satisfying. This is a daily goal that I should set. So I say goodbye for now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

It has been awhile since I have written and I am a little, very little, embarassed that I have not been able to accomplish that which I had set out to do as yet and that is start my online business. Life is extremely complicated for me right now because of the road that I have chosen.
As you all may know that I am from Trinidad. I manage a Centre that teaches craft. I am responsible for all stock at the Centre( we supply all the equipment, tools and materials at the Centre for the trainees to use for learning).Training is free. I am also responsible for sourcing trainees for training and partners to help with the smooth running of the Centre. I work from 8a.m.-4p.m. but with classes finishing at 5p.m. I am usually at the Centre till about 5.30p.m. The challenge that I face is that my Centre is in a crime- infested  area called Laventille. I am supposed to facilitate five craft classes but has only been able to accommodate two so far. Classes are from 9a.m -1p.m. and  2-5p.m. There is a gang-warfare going on between some of the young men in the street of the Centre and some of the young men in the street obliquely opposite.
This situation has created a great challenge for me because tutors refused to come to this area to teach. I therefore had to source tutors from within the Laventille area or I should say source crafters who are experienced and can spare the time and turn them into tutors. So far I have been able to accomplish two classes. I am not sure that I will be able to accomplish the five classes given the amount of effort it takes to accomplish one class.I retire in March 2011. I chose to stay in Laventille and keep the Centre open to give those that want the chance to have it. Craft gives me my `bread and butter` and I live fairly comfortable.. Many persons who has passed through the Centre has had their lives improved. For this reason they have me till March 2011.
The `down-side` to this is that my time is becoming so  limited and it is extremely difficult getting my store opened at this point in time and this is a sore point with me. I can`t even create my jewelry as I would like.
When I say I can`t wait to retire, it is for this reason. retirement means to me that my time is mine. I have given back and I see to me now. The only thing is that I will be a golden 60 yrs. and God will have to grant me long life for me to explore more of this wonderful life.
There is so much to share and so much to show that if we persevere we always win. Love.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Studing For Success

Greetings to you and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. There was a time when I was in dread when I thought that I should do this. Now I enjoy this even if only one person reads it. Of course I would love to share with many. Please excuse any blunder that may occur for (to me) I am still in online-networking-kintergarten.
I am excited when I think of the intricacies of opening an online store. This is a new era, a new business era. I am learning and if I seek a chance at success I must try the new strategies. I learnt that the first rule is to make a plan, poperly plan out your business. You have to network- be on facebook, twitter, try a blog, join some communities. In this new scheme of things, I learnt that involving myself with social media is not a matter to overlook; the more people know you is a better chance for your business.
So I am networking, designing my collection, reviewing my packaging and I am still adding to my original plan. There is a wealth of information online for anyone who is serious. Free information is in abundance. A lot of sharing is occuring online, one must just sift through the information and choose what is beneficial.
One of the negative side to networking is the bombardment that occurs when you show interest in an idea. Twitter alone has a great number of off-shoots. At present I am involved in a variety of internet communities. Eventually I will keep what is beneficial to me or to the business.
Keeping the mind active is vital to well-being. I am having fun. I am researching and taking my time, trying to understand the ins and outs.
I am taking my time and planning my business to my best understanding at this time. Will share whatever information that comes my way. Wishing myself and all others well and may God bless us all.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Time For Catch Up

Greetings,I am back and I feel that I have dropped behind in class. So!!!?? IT`S CATCH-UP TIME. I am sifting through my emails, over 5,000, isn`t that madness? Before I had my online separation there was a time I was bombarded with information; it was a dreadful time and I had to halt and calm myself. Now that I am back much more are waiting for me. Ah!!! but I was burnt once so I am much more wise now.
I am now making a list of whom I want to pay attention. I have come to realise that if I want to have a successful online business I must have a plan and be focused. So I have started to make notes on the road/course that I should take.There`s much vital information into which one can tap. There`s a wealth of information from Melissa Ann Mitchell`s blogs. I connected with her when I read her blog http://www.melissaannmitchell.com `The Difference Between Arriving Or Getting Lost`. I have also found knowledge at a site for women wewebwomen.com.
At present, I am multitasking and loving it.I am working 8am.-4pm.as a manager of a craft school; creating templates for an online business( this is taking longer than I had imagined); networking online; preparing land `that I have relatively  close to the seaside`in readiness of my relocation when I retire; I am also in the process of opening a horticulture plant shop by year`s end.
Life is so good, busy, loving, excited. I have so much help online that I know that I have to do some sharing on my own. So I am looking for all the ways I can return some goodness.
Goodbye for now and God Blessings.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh How Wonderful To Be Alive!!

Life can be so unpredictable. Regardless to how much planning you plan outside events can turn a plan A into a plan B in the blink of an eye.`A sailor does not know how great a sailor he is unless he travels on rough seas`. The important thing is to learn how to ride the waves an stay afloat. We don`t have to accept life`s knocks. We have to knock away the knocks or we will be courting Serious Hiccup In Time. `Always look for the gold in the ashes`.
I AM BACK. I am back a wiser and more aware individual. I am feeling good to be back. It is said `Man proposes and God disposes. I had a purpose. I dreamt a dream. I was to start an online business on 01st, August 2010.I was set in my ways, I was designing and creating templates. I had everything planned. I was scared; I was excited. Them BAM!!! my computer had a major break-down. Them double BAM??!! my sister who was ailing for some time became more ill. After spending eight days in the hospital she succumbed to her illness and departed this life. I knew she was ill but I always assume that she would conquer and become well again one day. 
Death had paid a visit and took away my sister; my little sister(age 50yrs.). She was my sister, my confidante, my friend, sometimes she was like my child. As sisters we had our ups and downs, we disagreed alot -two days maximum and then the best of friends again. It was quite a loss, I could not believe that such a thing had happened and all plans, her`s and mine`s seemed unimportant for they were pushed into a corner.
It is now a little over a month and I am now thawing out. I still have a little way to go to reach the pitch I had reached  but 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

As My Tide Turns

My tide is turning. This task that I have set myself had me in so many conflicting emotions that I had to say to myself   HALT . Stand still and look at the picture, look at the reality of this situation.
I was born in Trinidad,a very small island; you cannot even see it on some maps. We are not backward but we are not advanced as the `BIG` countries. US$1=TT$6+. The cost of living is extremely high,  but we are not a poor country. Here I am with an idea and no one in my `area of life` knows anything about online networking.  So I am alone on my journey. Where there`s a will there`s a way. I see a way and I have a will.
I was in a pitiful condition. I floundered and I stumbled  but I held my own hands and with a firm belief that God will cushion me, I keep moving forward. Let me state this: I am not religious, but I TOTALLY know (believe) God. Anyway, I am still erring but I am now C  A  L  M.
When I halted, I realised that I will ruin the outcome of my quest if I don`t silence the storm in me. Life was good after all. I may not have much fans or followers but I do have and I now have an obligation. I also have some favourable comments.Life is GOOD. I am appreciative. I am friend to Mr. Philip Mutrie on Facebook. I feel good and I have more strength to push on. I am now working with a picture of how I want this venture to BE.
A sailor does not know how good a sailor he is unless he travels on rough seas. Starting worth some points but finishing is where the magic lies. I want to feel that magic.
August 01 2010 is the day of my magic.
To all you who take time for me; I say `Thank You` from my heart.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Feelings

I am beginning to feel a bit more positive about my journey online. I am happy that the seed to go on this venture appeared in my head.I feel the beginning of confidence starting to tingle in me. My thoughts are beginning to open and become more relaxed. My creative juices are beginning to flow. I have seen some great work from my fellow crafters and I am encouraged to have a superb collection.
I have put aside my old templates and creating new ones. This is a delicate job and it takes a lot of concentration and steady, precise hands. The more I work is the more I admire the dedication of  all crafters. I just took the work more or less for granted but as I meet those wonderful crafters online, I started paying attention and admiring the work and paying attention to the beings who did the work. I feel humbled and good.
A crafter`s work is one of dedication, love and patience.I am proud to be a crafter. Saying that I have to live up and join the ranks. So I am working getting myself into readiness for the opening.
Life, with all its ups and down is good isn`t it?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Understanding The Online World.

I have to admit I love the `Computer Age`. Meeting people from different parts of the world and sharing views in the comfort of your home is humbling and yet awe-inspiring. Going through the different channels to enhance my planned online business is like being in school. I am now in kindergarden. I plan to be much more advanced soon.Understanding the different terminology is still confusing to me but I will get there. Where there`s a will there is a way. I will surely find my way.
Right now the days are short and the nights are much shorter. I seem to need more hours to my day. As August 01 approaches,  I pray that I am capable to make my dream a reality; that I can meet the challenge I set for myself.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Journey Begins

This week was quite an eye-opener. I have been trying to juggle my 8a.m to 4p.m. job with online social networking and preparation for creating a collection for my online debut on August 01,2010. Life has been hectic.I have been going to bed at times as late as 3a.m.
The enormity of my goal has filled me at times with excitement, and, at other times with utter dread.The excitement usually wins. Being a novice in this online world, makes it doubly hard to have things right at the first try.So after I stumble and bump myself, I straighten up and move on with a song in my heart.
At present, I am working on new templates for my leather flowers collection. I am not sure whether I am doing  beads, seeds and the leather flowers jewelry or to concentrate on just the leather flowers.
So I am on the journey and loving it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Whole New W orld

Life is awesome, scary,exciting and crazy at times. At present, I find myself in unknown territory, completely bewildered but moving forward none the less.

I am from Trinidad. I am a 59 year mature or can I say young woman ( how do we measure age?). I am due to retire from my 8 to 4 job next year. I work for a company that has a number of craft schools throughout the island. I am the manager of one of these schools. I was once a jewelry tutor at that same school. I also create jewelry from seeds, beads, coconut and calabash shells and my favorite- `leather flowers jewelry`. I do exclusive jewelry for a few clients, so at times there are not enough hours in the day.

While doing research online, the idea came to me to open an online store. I looked at all the possibilities, I researched for hours and I spent a lot of sleepless nights. I told myself this would be good for when I retire.

I realised that I have to blog, tweet and a whole new world opened to me.

BLOG- what do I know of blogging?

TWITTER- what do I know about tweeting?

That is when life started to get scary, exciting and crazy. I have left my safe little life and gone into what I thought was `young people thing`.

So here I am with what I tell myself is the start of my blogging. So be gentle with me and I am open for good, rewarding advice. So I am pressing forward. Soon come.