leather flowers

leather flowers
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Feelings

I am beginning to feel a bit more positive about my journey online. I am happy that the seed to go on this venture appeared in my head.I feel the beginning of confidence starting to tingle in me. My thoughts are beginning to open and become more relaxed. My creative juices are beginning to flow. I have seen some great work from my fellow crafters and I am encouraged to have a superb collection.
I have put aside my old templates and creating new ones. This is a delicate job and it takes a lot of concentration and steady, precise hands. The more I work is the more I admire the dedication of  all crafters. I just took the work more or less for granted but as I meet those wonderful crafters online, I started paying attention and admiring the work and paying attention to the beings who did the work. I feel humbled and good.
A crafter`s work is one of dedication, love and patience.I am proud to be a crafter. Saying that I have to live up and join the ranks. So I am working getting myself into readiness for the opening.
Life, with all its ups and down is good isn`t it?

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  1. Ahhh

    A born entrepernuer just coming out of the closet. Well... you know what I mean.

    It sounds that you are really in to making and creating Jewlery. thats great it is good to be passionate. Being passionate about life and all that is possible can really allow a person to do extrordinary things.

    But be careful... everything has its price, the Ying and the Yang. But I dont have to tell you that.

    Hey I am glad that you have found something you like to do so much and a platform to do it on.

    Here are some additional ideas you did not ask for.


    Find a simple simple yet gratifying project and practice till u can do it by accedint.

    Then make how to vids for your site. Use one to promote around the web. Figure out how to self publish with amazon and you could build a little fan club.


    Thanks for being you.

    - Young finance guy