leather flowers

leather flowers
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

As My Tide Turns

My tide is turning. This task that I have set myself had me in so many conflicting emotions that I had to say to myself   HALT . Stand still and look at the picture, look at the reality of this situation.
I was born in Trinidad,a very small island; you cannot even see it on some maps. We are not backward but we are not advanced as the `BIG` countries. US$1=TT$6+. The cost of living is extremely high,  but we are not a poor country. Here I am with an idea and no one in my `area of life` knows anything about online networking.  So I am alone on my journey. Where there`s a will there`s a way. I see a way and I have a will.
I was in a pitiful condition. I floundered and I stumbled  but I held my own hands and with a firm belief that God will cushion me, I keep moving forward. Let me state this: I am not religious, but I TOTALLY know (believe) God. Anyway, I am still erring but I am now C  A  L  M.
When I halted, I realised that I will ruin the outcome of my quest if I don`t silence the storm in me. Life was good after all. I may not have much fans or followers but I do have and I now have an obligation. I also have some favourable comments.Life is GOOD. I am appreciative. I am friend to Mr. Philip Mutrie on Facebook. I feel good and I have more strength to push on. I am now working with a picture of how I want this venture to BE.
A sailor does not know how good a sailor he is unless he travels on rough seas. Starting worth some points but finishing is where the magic lies. I want to feel that magic.
August 01 2010 is the day of my magic.
To all you who take time for me; I say `Thank You` from my heart.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Feelings

I am beginning to feel a bit more positive about my journey online. I am happy that the seed to go on this venture appeared in my head.I feel the beginning of confidence starting to tingle in me. My thoughts are beginning to open and become more relaxed. My creative juices are beginning to flow. I have seen some great work from my fellow crafters and I am encouraged to have a superb collection.
I have put aside my old templates and creating new ones. This is a delicate job and it takes a lot of concentration and steady, precise hands. The more I work is the more I admire the dedication of  all crafters. I just took the work more or less for granted but as I meet those wonderful crafters online, I started paying attention and admiring the work and paying attention to the beings who did the work. I feel humbled and good.
A crafter`s work is one of dedication, love and patience.I am proud to be a crafter. Saying that I have to live up and join the ranks. So I am working getting myself into readiness for the opening.
Life, with all its ups and down is good isn`t it?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Understanding The Online World.

I have to admit I love the `Computer Age`. Meeting people from different parts of the world and sharing views in the comfort of your home is humbling and yet awe-inspiring. Going through the different channels to enhance my planned online business is like being in school. I am now in kindergarden. I plan to be much more advanced soon.Understanding the different terminology is still confusing to me but I will get there. Where there`s a will there is a way. I will surely find my way.
Right now the days are short and the nights are much shorter. I seem to need more hours to my day. As August 01 approaches,  I pray that I am capable to make my dream a reality; that I can meet the challenge I set for myself.