leather flowers

leather flowers
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

As My Tide Turns

My tide is turning. This task that I have set myself had me in so many conflicting emotions that I had to say to myself   HALT . Stand still and look at the picture, look at the reality of this situation.
I was born in Trinidad,a very small island; you cannot even see it on some maps. We are not backward but we are not advanced as the `BIG` countries. US$1=TT$6+. The cost of living is extremely high,  but we are not a poor country. Here I am with an idea and no one in my `area of life` knows anything about online networking.  So I am alone on my journey. Where there`s a will there`s a way. I see a way and I have a will.
I was in a pitiful condition. I floundered and I stumbled  but I held my own hands and with a firm belief that God will cushion me, I keep moving forward. Let me state this: I am not religious, but I TOTALLY know (believe) God. Anyway, I am still erring but I am now C  A  L  M.
When I halted, I realised that I will ruin the outcome of my quest if I don`t silence the storm in me. Life was good after all. I may not have much fans or followers but I do have and I now have an obligation. I also have some favourable comments.Life is GOOD. I am appreciative. I am friend to Mr. Philip Mutrie on Facebook. I feel good and I have more strength to push on. I am now working with a picture of how I want this venture to BE.
A sailor does not know how good a sailor he is unless he travels on rough seas. Starting worth some points but finishing is where the magic lies. I want to feel that magic.
August 01 2010 is the day of my magic.
To all you who take time for me; I say `Thank You` from my heart.


  1. I totally understand about having to halt, and be calm. I have been doing the same thing, and I feel better about the progress I have made. I may have to go slowly, but at least I keep at it. If there is a will, there is a way! We think alike on this. I think you will do outstanding when you do open your business. You have superb talent for your artwork. The followers will come, it just takes time. I don't have many on my shell jewelry blog yet either, but I have hope. And you are so right...life is good!

  2. You have made me feel so good.I am doing a lot of research and looking for the options where I donot have to spend money. You have given me extra zeal in moving forward.Thank you.

  3. Do not give up hope. Let your creativity set you free. I am renewed and inspired after reading your blog.
    Your jewellery is all a work of art. Please join us on Zibbet to sell them. They should been seen my all. Such talent is rare.
    Good wishes to you
    Jill of Jillys Stuff