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leather flowers
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Studing For Success

Greetings to you and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. There was a time when I was in dread when I thought that I should do this. Now I enjoy this even if only one person reads it. Of course I would love to share with many. Please excuse any blunder that may occur for (to me) I am still in online-networking-kintergarten.
I am excited when I think of the intricacies of opening an online store. This is a new era, a new business era. I am learning and if I seek a chance at success I must try the new strategies. I learnt that the first rule is to make a plan, poperly plan out your business. You have to network- be on facebook, twitter, try a blog, join some communities. In this new scheme of things, I learnt that involving myself with social media is not a matter to overlook; the more people know you is a better chance for your business.
So I am networking, designing my collection, reviewing my packaging and I am still adding to my original plan. There is a wealth of information online for anyone who is serious. Free information is in abundance. A lot of sharing is occuring online, one must just sift through the information and choose what is beneficial.
One of the negative side to networking is the bombardment that occurs when you show interest in an idea. Twitter alone has a great number of off-shoots. At present I am involved in a variety of internet communities. Eventually I will keep what is beneficial to me or to the business.
Keeping the mind active is vital to well-being. I am having fun. I am researching and taking my time, trying to understand the ins and outs.
I am taking my time and planning my business to my best understanding at this time. Will share whatever information that comes my way. Wishing myself and all others well and may God bless us all.

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