leather flowers

leather flowers
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Time For Catch Up

Greetings,I am back and I feel that I have dropped behind in class. So!!!?? IT`S CATCH-UP TIME. I am sifting through my emails, over 5,000, isn`t that madness? Before I had my online separation there was a time I was bombarded with information; it was a dreadful time and I had to halt and calm myself. Now that I am back much more are waiting for me. Ah!!! but I was burnt once so I am much more wise now.
I am now making a list of whom I want to pay attention. I have come to realise that if I want to have a successful online business I must have a plan and be focused. So I have started to make notes on the road/course that I should take.There`s much vital information into which one can tap. There`s a wealth of information from Melissa Ann Mitchell`s blogs. I connected with her when I read her blog http://www.melissaannmitchell.com `The Difference Between Arriving Or Getting Lost`. I have also found knowledge at a site for women wewebwomen.com.
At present, I am multitasking and loving it.I am working 8am.-4pm.as a manager of a craft school; creating templates for an online business( this is taking longer than I had imagined); networking online; preparing land `that I have relatively  close to the seaside`in readiness of my relocation when I retire; I am also in the process of opening a horticulture plant shop by year`s end.
Life is so good, busy, loving, excited. I have so much help online that I know that I have to do some sharing on my own. So I am looking for all the ways I can return some goodness.
Goodbye for now and God Blessings.

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