leather flowers

leather flowers
Jewelry Made with Leather Flowers

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It`s Coming Together

A designer, who was designing a gown for a queen show here in Trinidad, had commissioned me to make some large leather orchids for the gown. He wanted them natural for he was going to airbrush them. I was amazed for I had never, NEVER, thought of such a thing. The queen came second. I became intent of learning to airbrush. The idea grew in my head till it filled my head and it became one with me. I put it in God`s Hand and I left it there. That was about three years ago. I told myself that this looks like it would happen when I retire.
I now have two crafts at the Centre and airbrushing is one of them. How good that is, for I now have a more inner peace within me to see this unfold. We really seem to have `guardian angels who see to our needs.Sometimes the request may seem to take long but if it is something that would benifit us it would come. Once we ask with a good heart,good things will come. I am now privileged to be in and out of an airbrush class. 
I took a small piece of leather and asked the tutor to airbrush it for me and to tell you the truth, I am not the same anymore. I am not sure that I can simply use a paint brush and paint my flowers again, unless someone specifically ask for it. What I saw on the leather sold me. The paint looked like it became one with the leather and the leather remained pliant. I can create more beautiful and pliant flowers. It is important to me that I produce work that can be unique.I am excited but I have also learnt that  sometimes when you become enarmoured with an idea ,a negative could come and change your plan. So to make sure , I am having plan`a`, plan`b`. So I am forging ahead, but with my mind-eyes on anything negative that may want to show it`s head. I am also blissfully happy. This is a challenge that I have wholehearted accepted. I want to airbrush my flowers . If there is anyone who knows about this I am willing to hear a word or two or some.
Another challenge that I face is the fact that I really do not know the proper workings of Facebook or any of the social networks for that matter, so I have that to conquer. I came online without really doing any research. There are a lot of the terminologies that I do not understand but what is life without challenge.Mr. John Adams has offered his help in allowing me to find my way in Facebook and for that I say `THANKS`. I have met some wonderful, helpful and friendly people online and for that too I say thanks.I have met some skunks too but that`s is by the way.
So I am on the way to closing another day and I am satisfied with the day. We should seek to make each day satisfying. This is a daily goal that I should set. So I say goodbye for now.

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